Anti-government protests continue in Sri Lanka.

APA reports that ANI News Agency reported this.

Five people were killed during the protests.

In total, about 150 people were injured.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has resigned amid the incidents.

A house belonging to Rajapaksa was set on fire by protesters in Kurunegala, in the northwestern part of the island state.

They also say they set fire to the homes of several lawmakers and ministers.

"As emotions run high in Sri Lanka, I urge our people to exercise restraint and end the violence.

The government is looking for solutions to overcome the economic crisis we are in, ”the minister wrote on Twitter.

Curfew was imposed on the island.

Since the beginning of April, mass protests have begun in the country against the deteriorating living conditions of the population, the lack of fuel, food and essential goods.

The crisis was caused by a decrease in foreign tourism due to the pandemic, which led to a decrease in foreign exchange reserves.

Sri Lanka's foreign debt is estimated at $ 51 billion.