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At least six large municipalities in Bulgaria expect BGN 4 per cubic meter of water.

From August 1, the price will increase due to the lifting of the moratorium on water, electricity and heating. Rising prices are expected in Sliven, Pleven, Varna, Stara Zagora, Razgrad and Shumen.

The most expensive water will probably be drunk in Shumen - from BGN 3.43 it can jump over BGN 4.50 per cubic meter.

A 36% increase is planned for the water in Pleven - from BGN 2.90 to over BGN 4. The proposals have been submitted to the regulator.

The ombudsman Diana Kovacheva spoke out against the increase.

A new jump in water prices is expected from August 1

The possible increase in the price of water in Shumen was met with dissatisfaction by locals.

"We save ourselves with drinking water by buying mineral water with tubes and gallons, because it is not of good quality, so I do not want it to increase to such an extent," Rositsa Ivanova told BTV.

In Stara Zagora, the increase requested by the water company is 37.8%.

The price would jump from BGN 3 to BGN 4.15 per cubic meter.

The motives are expensive electricity and increased supply contracts.

"If we paid 1.6 million a quarter, now we pay 4.6 million - it's just energy.

The costs for fuels have increased - 40%, the costs for materials for emergency repairs ", says Tonka Georgieva, Chief Accountant of Vik-Stara Zagora.

The proposals have been submitted to the regulator.

"I suppose that to a greater extent they will be satisfied, as companies have fallen into this crisis need with rising energy prices and the need to increase wages," said Dimitar Kochkov, EWRC member.

The ombudsman Diana Kovacheva spoke out against the increase, arguing that it would not improve the quality of service, but would deepen poverty in these regions.

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