Another angle of "Jum Sakontee", a foodie who doesn't tell anyone.

Free day is to watch restaurant reviews (clip)

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8 May 2022 11:09 a.m.





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  • From the son of the former secretary-general of the NHSO, Luke Khun Noo, who knew he was an easy eater?

    I used to order omelette with minced pork.

    The same menu has been eaten for a whole month.

    My favorite is Yentafo noodles.

    Worked as a deputy governor of Bangkok for 4 years. If you count, you can eat for 100 days.

  • Open your heart to love in high school 2

    Flirt with girls while at an all-boys school.

    You must have both courage and shyness because you have to say

    "miss you"

    through the operator.

    before being sent as a message to the page link

  • ending the eating line

    Clearly announced the Democratic Party, still in the heart, said it was formed there

    Hoping to someday return to the political end of the old house.

Are you going to use the right to vote for the Bangkok governor?


Who knows

, "Jum Sakolthee Phatthiyakul"

candidate for Bangkok governor named Issara No. 3 is a true foodie.

like to find food

And if it's free, they tend to eat at famous restaurants.

from restaurant review page

Although this period has entered the fierce campaign of the Bangkok governor's seat, but has not retired with Thairath online.

Let's tell the identity of

"Jum Sakolthi"

by leaving the politics for a while.

Take us for a walk to eat from the old local Ferris wheel.

when he was a deputy governor of Bangkok and Phra Athit Road, a famous old neighborhood

along with telling a love story when he was in an all-boys school

Being a father of two and your favorite football team

As soon as the filming began, a fan came over and asked for a photo immediately.

On the day of filming, the team made an appointment with

"Jum Sakonthi"

at 09.30, but it appeared that the person arrived 30 minutes before the ceremony, nothing much, came simply, with a driver and only 1 team member, then took us At Phra Athit Road, when we start filming

After walking a few steps, it's instantly hot.

A fan of drugstore owners nearby saw it.

Come and ask to take a photo with your hand raising the

"I Love You"

symbol instead of using the usual 3 fingers and telling us that you like it very much.

Been following for a long time

It's a line to follow in the footsteps of a restaurant review page.

Let's continue walking,

"Jum Sakonthi"

without delay, saying that on free days, I like to look at restaurant reviews.

and often follow in the footsteps

Along with saying that on Phra Athit Road, there are many cute restaurants and cafes, especially on the side of Phra Sumen Fort.

My favorite shop is Sukhothai noodles, which are very delicious. The shop name

is "Somsong Phochana"

, where there are rare Thai desserts for sale, such as Inthanin and sorghum. Unfortunately, on the day we went to film the shop, the shop was closed. "Jum Sakonthi" Take us to another restaurant that he said he likes very much and comes to eat often, which is Roti Mataba.

which is a restaurant that has been eaten since childhood as well

I'm a simple person who likes to eat one dish.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we ordered a chicken dish for us to try.

Along with the menu of roti, milk, sugar, one more thing to finish off.

until his body weight was 90 kg, before dropping down to 81 kg, we talked for a while

The food is ready to be served.

eat enough as an appetizer

before taking us to another shop

Which is a heavy dish is Nai Chun's red pork rice restaurant, located opposite the old Bangkok City Hall.

The owner said that this shop is 100 years old and is a popular restaurant that I often order to eat.

My favorite menu is crispy pork that I order very often.

Along with saying that he is a person who likes to eat simple one-dish meals.

Also, this shop is opposite the Bangkok City Hall.

Therefore, it is considered a convenient store to buy before parting.

Blessing to make what I say will be guaranteed to be the chair of the Bangkok governor for sure.

Yentafo is my favorite menu.

eat most often

Let's go to another shop

Not too far from Nai Chun's Red Pork Rice Shop.

That is Yentafo Nai Uan Sao Chingcha, “Jum Sakolthi” said that she brought me to this restaurant because during her 4 years as a deputy governor of Bangkok, it is a restaurant that she eats most often. 100 days to order food from this restaurant and eat on the building

Then, we will continue to introduce the special menu here, namely shrimp balls, Hue Kuay that I like to eat, as well as crispy wonton dishes.

because he is someone who likes to eat crispy things

But if it's Yentafo, if you want to eat it, usually choose a Kaohsiung menu.

Saturday and Sunday

If there is a store that is cool

will try to taste

By looking at the pattern on Facebook and YouTube, but if it's a weekday

I will order Yentafo at Nai Uan restaurant to eat very often.

Used to repeat the same menu for a month.

"Jum Sakolthee"

said that in fact, he is a person who eats easily.

Some restaurants have a variety of foods.

also choose to order the basil menu to eat

and like to eat something repeatedly

with a period in childhood that I remember

I used to eat only rice, omelette, minced pork for a month.

is a person who likes to eat anything, will only eat that

As for this restaurant, another highlight is the pork bateng, and eating noodles at Nai Uan doesn't have to be cooked as well.

a young man who likes sports

My favorite football team is Manchester United.

When the team asked about their favorite sport,

"Jum Sakolthee"

answered without hesitation.

as someone who likes sports since childhood

and is a person with a sense of sports

by playing from football, basketball to golf and cheering for the Manchester United team

Since 20 years ago, with jokes saying that even today the team is playing bad but still cheering.

but rarely see

Because every time you look, you lose

how to flirt with modern girls

how is high school

The owner said that in the past, he was quite shy.

not acting right

It's a style to sit next to each other and smooth. Let me look at the book.

At that time, it was the first time that there was a page link, so we had to call the operator to ask who I was thinking of in order for him to continue texting.

But when entering Triam Udom School

will begin to dare to teach

More courage to talk to women

Song lyrics were sent, which at first was embarrassing, but after doing it for a while, it got used to it.

Accepted as Father Jomdu

but will be used when necessary

As you know,

"Jum Sakolthi"

is a father of two children, one male and one female. He said that he was considered a lucky person that his children

that is easy to raise

But as they enter their teenage years, their children become stubborn, but they are still in the frame.

So we asked if we were worried about our sons and daughters.

The owner stated that

Still not very jealous.

but will be more worried

Because nowadays there are many things that lead children to bad things.

both about drugs and deception, which is actually a very fierce person

but rarely that children

But if there is a point where he sees that he can't take it anymore, he will wade through it and the child will know that Father Wade is the best.

want to see bangkok

It keeps improving.

view of Bangkok

I myself would like to see life in Bangkok.

It is constantly improving, such as public transportation to make it more convenient.

Traveling by train, there are also EV buses as a transport system waiting to be delivered.

It will make the journey better.

There are links to various systems.

He was greeted about his birthday on October 14, saying he asked to die at the UDD.

About the birthday of October 14, admit that someone greeted

whether it is about politics or not

But the self-consciousness is someone who has been interested in politics since childhood.

They always bring books or political columns to read.

in case one day have to play politics

but did not know that he would enter politics this quickly

At first, I thought I'd accept a servant first, then talk about it.

“I would like to honestly learn that

I have the intention of growing up at the Democratic Party.

and ended his political career at the Democratic Party

just not yet have a chance

If there is a chance one day, it might return to the Democratic Party.

to end his political life there," said Mr. Sakolthee.

Author : Supattra.l

Graphic : Sathit Chuephannangam