US First Lady Jill Biden, accompanied by Romanian First Lady Carmen Iohannis, visited a school earlier this morning where they spoke with Ukrainian and Romanian educators, talked to Ukrainian mothers and met with children.

After her visit to this school, Biden spoke briefly with reporters before boarding the plane, discussing the emotional impact of her visit to the school and the courage of the mothers she met, the Telegraph reports.

"It was so exciting, wasn't it?

"I think the Ukrainians really know that we are standing by them," Biden told reporters.

“You can see it;

"Those children have really suffered a lot," she added.

Within a class, at one point, a little girl approached the first lady holding pieces cut from the Ukrainian flag.

Biden asked her to share her message, and an interpreter next to the girl said she said, "I want to go back to my father."

The First Lady sat down at a desk to talk to a group of children who, according to their teacher, were working on a drawing of what the war-free world would look like.

Anastasia Konovalvoa, a Ukrainian teacher who fled to Romania in March, was among those who told her story.

"I crossed the border with my 3-year-old son and all I thought about was how to save my child from a city that was being bombed," she said.

After meeting with them, they went outside where the students sang the Romanian national anthem followed by the song of the Ukrainian military march - after which Ms. Biden left for Slovakia.