The Prosecutor of the Basic Public Prosecution in Struga after the preliminary procedure has filed an indictment against three persons for the criminal offense - Serious acts against human health - ie violation of Article 217 paragraph 3 in conjunction with Article 207 paragraph 1 and 3 of the Criminal Code, TV21 reports.

The Prosecution informs that two defendants are specialist gynecologists, while the third defendant is a specialist in gynecology at the Medical Center in Struga.

The doctors in question are suspected to have worsened the health condition of a midwife because during the birth they used the inadequate way and means for healing.

"The midwife was admitted on 27.08.2020 for birth in the gynecological ward, as she was in the 40th week of pregnancy.

She was hosted by the first defendant, who treated her as a patient throughout her pregnancy and decided that the birth should be done by cesarean section.

The second defendant helped in the operation, but during the operation they damaged the left renal (kidney) artery ", say from the Prosecution.

The Prosecution adds that as a result it is suspected that the patient's condition has worsened, after which the doctors performed two inadequate surgical interventions from where they removed the uterus, left ovary and kidney from the patient.

"In such circumstances, the first defendant, with the help of the third defendant, decided to perform a new operation to prevent bleeding, removal of the uterus and left ovary, although there were no changes or injuries in these organs.

After the bleeding did not stop even after the patient closed, they decided on another operation and the surgeons discovered that the bleeding was due to renal artery damage caused by cesarean section.

"Due to the impossibility to reconstruct the renal artery, the left kidney had to be bandaged and removed in order to save the life of the injured party", announced the Prosecution.

After that, the bleeding stopped and she was sent for treatment to the "Mother Teresa" Clinic in Skopje.