Wichan is worried about corruption in elections, Bangkok governor and MPs warn

The state stopped using interfering powers.

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2 May 2022 12:58





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Wichan Minchainan, chairman of the Bangkok Pheu Thai Party

Concerned about electoral fraud

both the established score

intimidating local residents

Warns the state to stop using state power to interfere in favor of the election of the Bangkok governor - Sor Kor.

On May 2, 65, Mr. Wichan Meenchainan, chairman of Bangkok's Pheu Thai Party, warned of the situation. Election of the Sor. Kor. that has begun to find irregularities and news of various election fraud attempts

ready to call on the Election Commission

Expedite measures to prevent and detect fraud

until the authority must declare clearly not to intervene

The chairman of the Bangkok Metropolitan Region continued that the Pheu Thai Party had been monitoring and monitoring the election situation of the NCPO, and found the behavior of preparing to collect people's names in many areas.

to intimidating competitors

as well as the behavior of some government officials that imply political neutrality or in some places the use of state power to interfere in elections

therefore urges the authority to declare clearly

will not use its power to interfere in local elections

And if there is a benefit, it must be ready to show responsibility.

“In the past, election fraud surveillance used to have the Central Organization for Democracy, or PNET, monitored.

But at present, there is no agency to take responsibility for this seriously.

therefore would like to propose to King Prajadhipok's Institute

who used to play a role in auditing and reporting on election results

to help monitor the election situation to be pure and fair

by various relevant agencies

should consider procuring a budget to support King Prajadhipok's Institute in doing this project

So that the election of the Bangkok Governor and the election of the Sor Kor. Pure and fair, truly reflecting the needs of the people's brothers and sisters.

This will be beneficial to the people of Bangkok.

and Thailand," said Mr. Wichan.