Including lucky numbers 2/5/65, the latest lottery draw, released this afternoon, who will be the next millionaire

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2 May 2022 11:00 a.m.





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A collection of news

"lucky numbers for this draw"

2/5/65, the latest installment, before winning the government lottery this afternoon, prepare to win "lucky numbers" and "famous numbers" from where it will be bang.

Let luck win the lottery until you become the next millionaire.

On May 2, 2022, reporters reported that

Today is Government Lottery Day.

Daily draw 2/5/65 From a survey of lottery stalls in the morning, it was found that there were still quite a few government lottery tickets available for purchase.

In this draw, the lottery has been postponed from 1 May to 2 May due to the postponement of Labor Day.

while "lucky numbers", "famous numbers", "beautiful numbers", whether they are numbers

"River Nueng", "Jae Fong Beer", "Noi Noi", "Auspicious Numbers", including Songkran Day numbers.

They can't be bought.

because they were all booked from the first day

For anyone who doesn't have a "lucky number" in their hearts, "Thairath Online" sums up the lucky numbers from all over the world. Let's see.

  • Dumb Ying's daughter pays homage to "Tao Wessuwan", Nong Thong Temple, plus get lucky numbers for 2/5/65

as a matter of luck

"Daughter of Ying Due" takes Sai Mu to the north to wish fortune to Sukhothai province, intending to pay homage.

"Tao Wessuwan" at Nong Thong Temple, where this place is famous for both wishing for good luck

on sale of land

until being talked about a lot of holiness

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  • Prime Minister visits Songkhla area. Lottery fans don't miss looking at plane numbers and car registrations.

Prime Minister and delegation visit Songkhla area

Follow the royal initiative project to solve the flood. Lottery fans don't miss out on "airplane numbers" and "car registrations". Try your luck for the 2/5/65 period (Read more-click here)

  • Chainat lottery dealer reveals lucky number "Big Tu", registration-Siam C

    clearing the panel

At the government lottery stalls, the Tax Cung Market, in downtown Chainat

There are lottery fans coming out to buy lottery numbers that they like constantly.

Because it is the last curve before tomorrow afternoon where the government lottery prizes will be drawn.

Waiting to welcome the new millionaire

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  • Top 10 "lucky numbers" selling well, 2/5/65, the lottery dealer said "the famous numbers for this draw" are no more.

Open the top 10 "lucky numbers" that sell well before the lottery date, 2/5/65, lottery fans swarm to buy "famous numbers this draw" of "Jay Fong Beer" and "Auspicious Numbers" are all sold out.

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  • Lottery statistics released on May 2, the calculator can smile sweetly.

    "Lucky numbers for this draw" to win luck 2/5/65

This draw, the lottery will be released on 2 May. It's time for lucky lovers to work.

Take a look at the statistics from the past 10 years, smile sweet, find "lucky numbers" while "famous numbers for this draw" appear (read more-click here)

  • It has arrived. "Lucky number for this draw" Ang Nam Monk "Golden Eye Ngew Rai" to win the lucky draw for 2/5/65

"Golden Eyes Ngew Rai", a sacred object that people and gamblers are very interested in.

at the top of the sacrament hall

There are candle teardrops in the holy water bath.

make it look especially bustling

Because lottery fans believe that Ta Thong will often give good luck to the villagers who come to ask.

Causing to hear the sound of shake all the time

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  • Incense sticks, wishing luck, ghost hand mushrooms, appeared in the house, smelled like a corpse, found a "lucky number"

Reporters traveled to inspect a house in Mae Sai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phayao Province, behind Miss Somnuk Suksamran, 48, the owner of the house found a corpse mushroom (ghost hand mushroom) or squid mustache mushroom.

The second rarest mushroom in the world pops up around the house.

While there were villagers who heard the news came to see them with candles and incense lighting to pray for good fortune.

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  • villagers won the lottery

    "Mae Takhianthong" buys a sabai dress to fix the top. Don't miss "lucky numbers for this draw"

People in Thap Krit Subdistrict

have come to pay respect to Mae Takhian Thong for good luck

Some people prayed and lit incense sticks to get numbers.

which after the point appeared, the number 913 appeared, which the villagers said was exactly the same as the people who came to pose during the process of bringing Mae Takhianthong up from the Nan River.

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  • Wat Chulamanee bestows the image of "Tao Wessuwan" to Wat Sawang Arom, the lottery neck can smile "lucky number"

The abbot of Chulamanee Temple gave the statue "Tao Wessuwan" to "Wat Sawang Arom" for the people to pay their respects.

The lottery neck can smile sweetly.

"Lucky numbers for this draw" from car registrations and firecracker tails

Return to win luck 2/5/65 (Read more-click here)

  • the last curve of the lottery

    "Lucky numbers for this draw" 2/5/65 Get lucky at Thairath TV-Thairath online

Reporters reported that

Today there will be a government lottery prize.

or the lottery

Draw on May 2, 2022. In this draw, the lottery has issued lottery prizes.

At Sanambin Nam, Nonthaburi Province, this "lottery for this period 2/5/65" that the lottery fans are interested in are the last 2 numbers that sell well as follows: 29, 89, 17, 59, 79, 65, 73, 25, 78, 20 Section "Thai Rath Lucky Numbers" 1, 2, 8, 7, 6 (Read more-click here)

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  • the last curve of the lottery

    "Lucky numbers for this draw" 2/5/65 Get lucky at Thairath TV-Thairath online

  • Lottery neck shines "lucky numbers" to win rich, holy water-money money, Pak Nak, Koh Kham Chanot (clip)

  • Husband and wife ask for a lucky number. "Ai Khai" tells a dream of seeing a woman wearing Thai clothes to bring her luck for 5 draws in a row (clip)

  • He has arrived. Sia Rong Drinking Water Champ won the lottery for 36 draws and bought more than 100 single numbers.

  • Lottery fans don't miss out on the "lucky numbers" of the famous temple.

    Hope to win luck for the 2/5/65 draw