Days ago, the British Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, said that in addition to Ukraine, attention should be paid to military capabilities in the Western Balkans and beyond.

And for security experts, the request of Great Britain is not a coincidence because it does not want a "second Ukraine" in the Balkans.

Security experts estimate that Kosovo is not endangered by any direct attack, but only by attempts to destabilize the situation.

Security analyst Avni Islami in a statement to the Telegraph said that the statement of the British Foreign Secretary is not a coincidence, as he said that the Balkan countries must be armed and prepared.

"The statement that in addition to Ukraine, the Balkans should also be armed is not a coincidence.

We noticed during the war in Ukraine that England was among the most vocal countries.

Britain has played an important role, both diplomatically and militarily, in helping Ukraine.

The Balkan countries must be armed and prepared.

"It is not a coincidence that the countries have neglected the issue of Ukraine and do not want to be caught by surprise," Islami said.

He added that "if they had armed Ukraine in time, the forces on the ground would have determined the political and strategic situation in a different way in time and it would not have led to such a great destruction."

Islam said that the British government does not want a second Ukraine in the Balkans.

"I think that despite this we can not draw parallels between Ukraine and the Balkan countries, as the only country that can endanger neighboring countries is Serbia, which has recently been armed by Russia and China.

"Given the military strength and arsenal, the only one who can start an adventure is Serbia, and I do not believe that," he said.

However, could Kosovo be endangered by a possible attack, Islami said: "Kosovo's position is not the same as that of Ukraine, as Kosovo is surrounded by pro-Atlantic Alliance countries."

Meanwhile, Skender Perteshi from the Kosovo Center for Security Studies (KCSS) told the Telegraph that Russia's goal is to cause conflicts in various countries and regions where the role of the West is challenged.

"Every country in the Western Balkans, whether or not it is a member of NATO and which opposes the military offensive in Ukraine and Russia's intention in Ukraine is an enemy of Russia.

Russia's goal is to provoke conflicts in different countries and regions where the role of the West is challenged, where the democratic system is challenged and where the freedom, independence and sovereignty of countries are challenged, in this case neither the Western Balkans, nor countries like Georgia, Moldova or other countries. are no exception.

So yes, Russia's goal is to have as many conflicts as possible, Russia's goal is to obstruct the role of the West and the Euro-Atlantic processes of the Western Balkan countries as much as possible, and if there is room in cases such as the north of Kosovo,

According to him, Kosovo is limited to countries that are members of NATO and there will be no direct attack.

But as Perteshi said, the security institutions in the country must be vigilant that there may be attempts to misinform the public, or attempts to destabilize the situation, etc.

"Most of the Western Balkan countries are members of NATO, we have Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania and Kosovo is bordered by NATO member states and we do not have a direct attack.

However, what we can see is an attempt at misinformation, an attempt to destabilize the situation in the north, as well as an attempt to discuss the legal order of the Constitution of Kosovo.

"Here I see the greatest danger and here I see the focus of Kosovo's security institutions which must be vigilant," he said.

According to him, first the state institutions should be vigilant and not contribute to the current security situation or destabilization with their actions.

"The second is to ensure the movements, goals, or plans that can be carried out by organized or unorganized groups, whether Russian or Serbian, in Kosovo.

"So I see this as a permanent or greater threat to Kosovo's security."

On whether Kosovo should be armed to face any danger of Russian or Serbian attacks Perteshi said: "Kosovo should be armed to the extent that it is able to protect its sovereignty and security and all this should be done in coordination with partners international mission and the NATO mission in Kosovo ”.

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