Sali Berisha, in his speech at the National Assembly of the Democratic Party, issued accusations against Edi Rama, mentioning here the relations of the Prime Minister with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic.

The former prime minister said that Rama has turned Albania into the epicenter of Serbia's cold war against Kosovo.

"Heads of state open their eyes when they hear Rama speak so passionately about Vucic.

We are for regional cooperation, but we can not turn Albania into the epicenter of the Cold War against Kosovo ", said Berisha.

Meanwhile, he did not leave without commenting on the announcement of non grata from the USA.

"DASH has sanctioned me for accusations for which there is no evidence and document.

I have been sanctioned by Edi Rama's Soros lobbying.

Whoever will present a fact or evidence against Sali Berisha he is ready to take any action against himself… I am Sali Berisha.

I never really accept slander, lies.

I am grateful to you who share this attitude with me.

This Assembly opens the chapter of confrontation with the government.

Edi Rama is the most uneducated prime minister in the history of Albania.

Yes and yes.

Albania is suffering on all four sides.

"Edi Rama with imprisonment, violence kills hope in every square of Albania", said Berisha.

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