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30 Apr 2022 6:16 a.m.





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Reserve Party - Reserve Prime Minister

Both of these things can come true because the "real" can't do it, so you have to prepare to support the possibility.

For example, the bankruptcy case where Thaksin Shinawatra set up the Thai Raksa Chart Party along with Pheu Thai is another case.

Even with the same goal to win the election.

But the clue must be hidden from anyone until the very end.

In this era, there is also the Pracharat power, with Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan as the party leader and supporting

General Prayut Chan-o-cha as Prime Minister

It is recognized throughout the country.

But due to conflicts in the party

This makes me not sure that I will get the same support or not.

So there is news that

Gen. Prayut had to solve the problem by setting up a party to support it.

The Ruam Thai Build a Chart Party, led by Mr. Seksakon Atthawong (Rambo), is preparing to gather supporters of politicians.

Gen. Prayut came under the jurisdiction.

But he did not survive...because "Rambo" encountered a lottery case until he had to resign from the government.

including announcing his resignation from the Ruam Thai Sangha Party

The Reserve Party had to end by default.

But what will be there is a political party that directly supports as Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban is a dart.

Talking about the Reserve Party, there is a story of the Reserve Prime Minister following from the fact that Pracharath will nominate a candidate from the former prime minister from 1 person to 2 people.

which is nothing, just that

Gen. Prayut, who would have proposed to interpret that he has been serving as prime minister for 8 years or not.

If it is interpreted that 8 years have passed, it must be retired and unable to continue performing duties.

That means having to find someone else to replace it.

In the power of the People's Republic, who can replace it?

which is the news and talks a lot should be related to

General Prawit is more serious.

Because the Prime Minister and the legal team have interpreted that there is no problem.

Because from the commencement of the Constitution in the year 60, he held office for less than 8 years.

The opposition is very interested in this matter.

and was confident that he could no longer hold the position

This will cause a change in government.

had to find a new prime minister to act instead

Simply put, the opposition attacked and fired.

Gen. Prayut continued to come.

but can't force it to fall

I hope that 8 years will be a "great tree" that can be managed.

waiting for the opening of the council

May, politics will be more intense.

because there are many that will be the issue

Regardless of the electoral law

Budget and laundry openings

What cannot be overlooked is the growing economic problems of the country today.

Even palm oil prices have risen due to Indonesia's ban on exports.

It's another month when the government has to face a big crisis.

The important thing is that the supporting palm power must be clear...otherwise it will surely stop.

"lightning rod"