One person and two others were killed and five others were injured in a shooting on the Klina-Gjakova road in the village of Volljakë on Thursday night, while five people were arrested and detained for 48 hours by order of the prosecutor. state.

Prosecution spokesman, Shkodran Nikçi in a statement to the Telegraph said that the prosecution is expected to send today a request for detention of five detainees, where among other things said that four people are suspected of aggravated murder and one for providing assistance after committing the murder .

Meanwhile, the Telegraph has learned that the first suspicions about the motives of the murder have to do with a beating in Italy, where the injured party beat the brother of the suspects.

The Telegraph also learns that out of the five arrested, four are brothers and the other is their uncle.

Otherwise, the Kosovo Police for the Peja region has provided additional details regarding last night's case of shooting with firearms on the road Klina-Gjakova, respectively in the village Volljakë, where one person was killed and two others were injured.

According to the police report, on April 28, 2022, around 20:40, the Kosovo Police was informed about gunshots in the parking lot of a restaurant in the village of Volljakë, Klina municipality.

"The police immediately responded to the scene, and it was understood that three (3) people suffered bodily injuries from firearms and heavy weapons.

The victims were initially sent to QKMF-Klina, and then to the emergency room of the Regional Hospital in Peja, the medical team ascertained the death of one of the injured ", it is said in the announcement.

Further in the notification, it is stated that all competent units of the Regional Police Directorate in Peja, the state prosecutor, came to the scene, after an intensive operative and investigative work, it was managed to identify and arrest five (5) suspects in the case:

AG born in 1980

NG born in 1992

AG born 1998

BG born 1985

BG born 1974

Meanwhile, after the interview by order of the State Prosecutor, the suspects were given a 48-hour detention measure.

The lifeless body of the victim by order of the state prosecutor was sent to the institute of forensic medicine (IML) for autopsy.

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