The Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli has responded to the accusations of the opposition in the case of the Ambassador of Kosovo in Croatia, Martin Berishaj.

In the session of the Assembly, she accused the opposition that she is sharing misinformation and that the company GEN has no connection with Serbia, because according to her the same company is Slovenian.

"The GEN company you mentioned is not a Serbian company, but a Slovenian one.

Yes I like that you have now changed the Slovenian company based in Belgrade.

"This is like saying the Coca-Cola company based in Serbia and connecting this work with Serbia, it is totally unrelated", she said.

The Minister showed the figures of subsidizing the import of electricity during the energy crisis.

"I do not know if you do not know the energy sector at all about the subsidy of imports from the last government, or you are deliberately sharing the deformities.

However, 120 million have not been allocated yet, 30 million have been allocated for imports to subsidize energy imports.

Of these, about 23 million have been spent, while another seven million remain in KEK's account.

For the way they are spent, KEK and the Ministry of Economy will share all information that is relevant and serves to inform the public… While for another 97 million euros that have been committed, but have not yet been allocated for subsidies, their disbursement it has not started yet ", she added, reports kp.

Meanwhile, he stressed that investments in energy have been blocked due to previous governments.

"Investments in energy have been blocked for decades, it is true, but you who have planned failed projects and have failed to realize them are responsible for this.

It is true that it was imported from Serbian companies from 2000 to 2014, after which it continued to import KESCO and KEDS after you privatized them.

For these, I hope that the parliamentary inquiry commission will clarify the circumstances, how they happened and whether anyone has benefited from this ", stressed Rizvanolli.