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New Delhi:

The reactions of the party leaders have started coming out about Prashant Kishor's failure to communicate with the Congress.

NDTV spoke to party leader Sandeep Dikshit on issues like Congress's weaknesses and electoral strategy, he said, "This issue proves that we do not have the ability to contest elections.

Dixit said, when the news came that Congress is talking to a person like Prashant Kishor.

It is believed that he has political acumen, it is a satisfaction that the party high command has recognized that we do not have the ability to contest elections.

So we will need a person outside.

Such a move was positive in the serious concerns Congress is going through.

There can be speculation ahead, so the matter did not move forward.

I was disappointed by the fact that I thought our message was good, but our image should be known among the people, there was a lack of speculation and speculation. 

A person like Prashant Kishor, who is so big, was showing that he could do what we would not be able to do on our own.

I had high hopes from his arrival, it was a disappointment, it was a step backward in forming the new Congress.

We have decided that we have to change ourselves.

Now the change has to come from inside or from someone outside.

Both those ways are right, the senior leadership has an important role in the shortcomings which are counted in the Congress.

There is no hope of change from inside.

So someone from outside should come.

Every organization uses the outside man.

If we had done this, we could have done all that, then the common worker understands that it should be inside the party.

We do not know who are the people who did not allow entry, who said what, they do not know, different things are known from the media.

Take the elections of Punjab and Uttarakhand. This is a classic story of how elections are lost.

I was involved in Punjab.

I have seen losing elections in front of me.

AICC was responsible for this.

If the methods of Congress are not found right.

So the workers feel that our opportunities and jobs will be snatched away.

Whoever sits above in the system is responsible.

Congress workers are hesitant about this.

The way EICCS works now 

Perhaps at some point these methods must have been correct.

In today's situation our leadership is not capable and this thing is clear.

That's why we should welcome people from outside in this situation.

I don't feel serious about not taking Prashant Kishor.

Our three big leaders are Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, people take most of the decisions here.

Earlier also Prashant Kishor had put some such conditions 

which people did not like.

Again, some things should be clarified in the dialogue.

When talking to an expert for a long time, then some criteria should be fixed.

The rest should be done after that,