"Lotus Go Fresh Suthisan" a new paradise that meets the lifestyle for foodies.


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25 Apr. 2022 4:30 p.m.





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A land full of variety of food

It is undeniable that it is a place that fulfills the happiness of foodies, and now Lotus has opened a new supermarket called


Lotus's go fresh", a branch in the heart of Bangkok. That comes in the concept of SMART Food & Beverage Heaven, a new style shopping center that offers a wide selection of food and beverages.

In addition, consumers can choose to eat from breakfast to dinner.

Because this supermarket brings together a wide range of stores, food and beverage partners in one place.

To be a comprehensive supermarket

and answer every customer's lifestyle

Moving forward to becoming a food destination for everyone

One of Lotus' commitments is to be an Inspiring Food Destination that distributes a wide range of high quality food.

in supermarkets, shopping centers and online platforms

with continuous development and improvement of branches

to meet the needs of customers

and suitable for the lifestyle of people in that area

Lotus's go fresh Suthisan

is a lifestyle supermarket designed under the concept of SMART Food & Beverage Heaven.

Starting from a market survey to study the needs of customers

and adapting the lifestyle of shopping to people

both the type of food

popular store brands

Purpose of purchase

and convenient time for shopping

Therefore, it is designed to be a new branch that is consistent with lifestyle behaviors.

and the needs of people living in the Sutthisan area

Lotus Go Fresh Suthisan

is a branch that combines many types of food and beverage outlets, including Thai food, Japanese food, fast food, bakery, coffee café and full-flavoured beverages.

Comes with a supermarket that has a full range of fresh products and food to choose from.

It meets the concept of SMART Food & Beverage Heaven and completes the shopping experience for customers.

Whether entering the service in the branch

Or order products through an online platform, you can choose to use the service from early morning to late at night.

Meet every lifestyle and every meal for everyone.

Ms. Benjawan Ongsri, Executive Director of Shopping Center and Rental Area

, Lotus , said,

“Lotus Go Fresh, Sutthisan branch will be the new food destination for people in this area.

The survey found that there were both groups of people living in pairs.

live as a family

and live in a condominium

There are also many workplaces in this area.

Therefore, it is a zone with residents of all ages.

and have a variety of lifestyles

both office workers who live from early in the morning

A group of housewives who are convenient for shopping during the day

Family group spending time shopping together on vacation.

or working age groups who want a place to hang out after work

Therefore, Sutthisan branch is a supermarket that responds to everyone's needs at every moment."

The distinctiveness of the supermarket that everyone wants to experience

Highlights that make

Lotus Go Fresh Suthisan

worth trying to spend

Because this branch has a wide variety of food to choose from, including fresh, savory and sweet food, as well as a variety of beverages to choose from.

and is a supermarket with restaurants open as early as 6.00 am and close as late as 23.00 every day. In addition, there are brand new restaurant partners that opened in Lotus Go Fresh for the first time at this branch, such as Subway, a famous fast food restaurant, Phoenix Lava, a steamed bun restaurant, MX Bakery, a leading cake and bakery shop from Hong Kong, and Mikka, a popular café and bakery.

not only that

This supermarket also has a unique design that is different from other branches.

Inside, there are Swensen's, an ice cream parlor transformed with a sweet pink tone, and Shushi Express, a Japanese restaurant that decorates the kitchen walls with new exclusive graphics.

I haven't used it at any branch before.

There is also a car park on the 3rd floor of the building, which increases the convenience of shopping at the supermarket.

Lotus Go Fresh Suthisan, a new supermarket that brings together people's lifestyles in one place.

Meet all the needs of customers

to move forward towards becoming a Food Destination for everyone