This was reported by BPN.

According to


, the meaning of this Christian holiday is "the victory of good over evil."

“How to talk about this victory when your homeland is being destroyed by dictatorship and propaganda?

The politician asked.

- Because now even the dearest people often lose touch and can not sit together at the Easter table, just because they read and watch the news from different sources.

And yet I believe in the best, by virtue of trust between loved ones.

I am sure that Belarusians trust their families more than people on TV, which broadcasts deadly doses of lies. "

“The dictatorship wants us to hate - and we need to love and care for each other even more than ever before.

Recent events have given us many examples of people who were not afraid to call good good and evil evil.

Such courage was shown by the Orthodox Archbishop of Grodno


, who was later deprived of his post.

He will turn 70 tomorrow, ”she said.

Tikhanovskaya especially recalled "prisoners of conscience and their families" and expressed confidence that "our loved ones will be released."

"This will happen when our ability to distinguish good from evil becomes an impetus for the national movement - the movement to return to Belarus security, independence and freedom.

May we celebrate Easter together with our whole family, ”the democratic leader added.