The process of registration of population, housing and households in Kosovo, scheduled to be held last year, in question this year as well.

The process is considered of great importance for planning as well.

He has been living with his family in Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje for several years now, but Hajrullah Halili is nowhere listed as a resident of this municipality.

He and many other citizens from the Presevo Valley who for various reasons have emigrated to Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje, do not have Kosovo citizenship.

"I have had the properties here for 30 years.

"I have electricity, water and waste in my name and I have paid for them all," Hajrullah Halili told RTV Dukagjini.

From the census data in 2011, Fushë Kosova shows that it had 35 thousand inhabitants, but this number is thought to be far from the real situation.

The census process was scheduled to take place last year, but has been delayed due to the pandemic and elections.

Despite the expectations that this process will take place this year, the Kosovo Agency of Statistics is skeptical that this could happen.

Chief Ilir Berisha says that they have not yet discussed with the Government the start of this process.

"The process must be notified at least nine months before the registration date.

KAS has made preparations earlier.

Questionnaires are in place.

But there are other activities that take time to complete.

However, these activities can not be realized today without having a registration date ", he said, Telegrafi reports.

In addition to population census, the census also produces a large number of statistics that are extremely important for planning for at least decades.

"Budget planning is done based on the inhabitants of that municipality.

If the data are not accurate, then both planning and decision-making can be wrong ", declared Shyqeri Bytyçi from the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce.

In the 2011 census, it turned out that Kosovo had over 1.7 million inhabitants, not including those in the northern part of the country who had refused to participate in the process.

The draft law on the Population Census passed in the first reading in the Assembly in February, but it is not known when it will pass in the second reading./Telegrafi/