The weather forecast for April 24 has been announced.

The National Hydrometeorology Service told APA that the weather in Baku and Absheron peninsula is expected to be changeable cloudy, sometimes cloudy, mostly rainless.

Mild south wind will blow.

The temperature will be 10-13 C at night, 15-20 C in the daytime.

The temperature will be 11-13 C at night, 18-20 C in the daytime in Baku.

Atmospheric pressure will drop from 764 mm Hg to 761 mm Hg.

The relative humidity will be 60-65%.

The weather will be mostly rainless in Azerbaijani regions.

However, it is likely to rain in some mountainous areas in the afternoon.

Fog at night and in the morning.

Mild east wind will blow.

The temperature will be 9-14 C at night, 24-29 C in the daytime, in the mountains 0-5 C at night, 12-17 C in the daytime.