It has not been decided which of "Democratic Bulgaria" will be part of the Bulgarian delegation in Kyiv.

The idea is to have one person each from the coalition partners.

It will be decided there whether to provide weapons.

This was stated by the Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov

He graduated from Sofia University "St.

Kliment Ohridski, specialty "Geography", and is in the show "Wake up" on Nova TV. 

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine 4544

According to him, it is not clear whether Deputy Prime Minister Cornelia Ninova will travel to Kyiv. 

According to Sandov, a hybrid war has been waged in Bulgaria by the Kremlin for years, reaching out to people attracted to Russia from a time when it was not ruled in this way. 

I believe that there will be one representative of the coalition partners, he added. 

In addition to providing military assistance to other countries, some have called for other countries to provide such assistance.

We are looking for a common solution in this direction.

If we do not give weapons, it means isolation for Bulgaria.

We should not allow such a thing.

Bulgaria needs to join the common approach.

Ukraine is much closer to Bulgaria than other countries than other countries with which we are partners in the EU.

Such a decision must be taken by parliament.

I believe that it will take place very soon, Sandov noted.

I am of the opinion that it should be transferred to Ukraine.

We must help Ukraine defend itself against foreign aggression.

This also means security for Bulgaria. 

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Sandov announced that there are systemic violations of TPP Maritza. 

Sulfur dioxide exceedances were detected 30 times.

For this year they are 8 times.

Dimitrovgrad is constantly gassed.

People are leaving the city.

This forced us to move to action, said the Minister of Environment. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine

Borislav Sandov