The CM of Bihar had reached the government program organized on the Civil Services Day in Patna on Thursday.



Chief Minister Nitish Kumar raised his hand to the officers and made a vow that apart from their normal work, they would also review and do surprise inspections of various schemes.

Nitish asked the officers to take this pledge in a government program organized on the Civil Services Day in Patna on Thursday.

He reminded all the district officers that there are separate arrangements for their seating in the District Management Consultancy Centers.

But they are aware that no one sits now, due to which there is a backlog of many complaints.

After this, urging him to raise his hand, tell him whether he will go there or not. 

@NitishKumar in his speech on Civil Services Day, see DM people raise their hands and make them pledge..Surely any CM talking in this tone is the result of his loosening grip on governance @ndtvindia @ Anurag_Dwary

— manish (@manishndtv) April 22, 2022

Apart from this, Nitish also mentioned about schools, government hospitals and said that teachers and doctors remain absent.

If he keeps doing surprise inspections, then it will have an effect on the system there.

After this, he also mentioned about the legal system and said that if he does night tour even once in a month, then it will have an effect. 

@NitishKumar is now seen urging his officers for the night tour which was necessary on law and order @ndtvindia @Anurag_Dwary

— manish (@manishndtv) April 22, 2022

Certainly this tone of Nitish's speech shows his weak position.

If the experts are to be believed, Nitish Kumar may have been sitting on the chair of the Chief Minister in Bihar, but this thing is not hidden from anyone, during this tenure, the credibility of his governance has decreased.

Even on the Civil Services Day on Thursday, the tone in which Nitish was appealing to do normal work on every issue during his speech in front of his officers.

Due to this, his now diminishing power in power was clearly visible.

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