"The situation is quite unpleasant and I do not know if anyone is even able to offer a real solution. Hardly anyone is able to make predictions. What is happening in Europe, with its serious assistance, can bring us and I do not know to where."

Dimitar Manolov commented on this to BNR

Born on August 23, 1958 in Sofia. He completed his secondary education at the 35th high school with teaching, president of Podkrepa and chairman of the Supervisory Board of the National Social Security Institute.

"The big pan-European problem is that this European machine is too static, too big, too heavy, too cumbersome and unable to react to these rapidly changing circumstances. This Recovery and Sustainability Plan says some monstrous nonsense that is totally incompatible. to the situation we live in. It used to be nonsense, but now it is sensual nonsense ", the trade unionist emphasized.

Sandov: The future will either be green or there will be no future

"We continue to close our own sources because we will tell the sun how to shine. This suicide policy is extremely absurd. The bad thing is that in Bulgaria we continue to accept such things without complaint. technical reason, zero, a hundred experts have proved that these units are absolutely safe. We closed them to accept us into the EU. of energetic death. "

"The problem with this coalition is that it came together with a single goal - anti, and there was not, is not and probably will not have a sustainable plan of what to do next. Coalitions of this type are not able to make a sustainable policy," he said. Dimitar Manolov

Born on August 23, 1958 in Sofia. He completed his secondary education at the 35th high school with teaching in the show "Before all".

There is no sustainable leadership within this coalition, he said.

"These people, most of them don't know how the state works."

"Those who drive the train" should propose a package of measures and sit down to discuss them, the trade unionist called for anti-crisis measures.

The minimum wage is one of the few tools available to the government and is extremely important, Manolov said of the Ministry of Finance's request in its medium-term budget forecast for 2025 that the minimum wage remain at BGN 710.

Dimitar Manolov