Pazardzhik Municipality opens a procedure for the construction of a 20-meter monument to the Holy Apostles Constantine and Helena, spiritual leaders of the city.

The impressive sculpture will be worth approximately BGN 310,000, collected entirely from donations.

The monument will be located on the south bank of the Maritsa River and will make a visual connection with one of the city's entrances.

The idea for its construction arose in the autumn of last year from an initiative committee chaired by lawyer Hari Haralambiev. 

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Currently, a competition has been announced for the design, manufacture and installation of the sculptural composition.

The requirement is for the project to give an impactful and emotional message that fits into the park's urban environment. 

The competition projects will be evaluated by a 9-member jury, which includes representatives of the initiative committee and public organizations, BNR reported. 

The maximum term for implementation is 12 months.

The composition of Saints Constantine and Helena is scheduled to be officially opened next year on May 21, when Pazardzhik celebrates its holiday.