The crypto market cap has fallen to $100 billion from yesterday's peak and is currently below $1.9 trillion.

special things

  • Friday was not a good day for the cryptocurrency market

  • Most of the coins, including bitcoin, entered the red chart

  • Bitcoin's market cap has dropped to $775 billion

There was a big drop in the cryptocurrency market on Friday.

Bitcoin, the world's most popular cryptocurrency, reached the $ 43,000 mark on Thursday, but investors rejected bitcoin at that point.

With a fall of about 3 thousand dollars, it came down to 40 thousand dollars.

The same thing happened with most of the altcoins.

Ethereum, the second popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin, is close to falling below $ 3 thousand, while BNB is stalled at $ 400. 

According to the report of cryptopotato, on Monday this week, bitcoin had dipped to $39 thousand.

On Tuesday, it showed a boom and reached 41 thousand dollars.

This rally continued and on Wednesday the price of bitcoin reached 42 thousand dollars.

On Thursday, it reached 43 thousand dollars, which was the highest score in the last 11 days.

However, it did not take long to change the times.

This currency went down to about $ 3,000 in a few hours and its value on Bitstamp came down to 40 thousand dollars. 

It is currently at the same level, but a fall of more than 3% in a day means its market capitalization has fallen to around $775 billion.

The currency which was performing well with bitcoin in the past, has also fallen now. 

Ethereum saw a 10-day high on Thursday.

The coin was on its way to cross the $3,200 mark, but it struggled to stay at $3,000 after the fall in prices.

Similarly, Binance Coin, which had reached close to $ 430, has now reached close to going below $ 400. 

The same is true for Ripple, Solana, Terra, Cardano, Avalanche, Polkadot, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

The overall crypto market cap has fallen to $100 billion from yesterday's peak and is currently below $1.9 trillion.

Talking about the cryptocurrency status in India, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has talked about creating a global framework for this, so that crypto can be regulated and it can not be misused for money laundering or terrorism financing.