Sushil Modi hosted an Iftar party at Anjuman Islamia in Patna.


BJP leader Sushil Modi, who was organizing Iftar first as MLA, then as Deputy Chief Minister, now organized Iftar as MP on Wednesday.

Modi has been organizing Iftar feast in Bihar for the last thirty years.

In the Iftar held on Wednesday, most of his cabinet colleagues including Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and many senior leaders of Bihar BJP including Ravi Shankar Prasad were present. 

Sushil Modi organizes this iftar in Anjuman Islamia Hall and it is attended by a large number of local Muslims.

On this occasion, senior BJP leader and Bihar Industries Minister Shahnawaz Hussain told the media that "CM sahib (Nitish Kumar) has come for Iftar.

Anjuman Islamia, which is a historical site, has become so good.

Here is the first feast of Iftar.

Sushil Modi ji has been giving banquets for the last many years.

CM sahib himself has been giving Iftar feast.

This event did not take place for two years during the Corona period.

This time Arun Sinha, Sushil Modi and we have made this feast together.        

Shahnawaz Hussain said that "How much has Anjuman Islamia changed.

This is a historical place.

Many big people have come here.

Maulana Azad came, many big leaders came.

Such a condition will not happen in the whole of India, as the CM has created here. 

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar did not speak to reporters.

He was questioned about the riots, which he ignored.

He left from there saying 'everyone's our best wishes'.