RJD candidate wins in Bihar Bochahan Assembly Bypoll.


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is happy with the defeat of his ally and now elder brother BJP on the basis of number of MLAs in the Bochahan Assembly bypoll.

Nitish Kumar got an idea of ​​this defeat of BJP on the basis of feedback from time to time, but after the results are out, he is taking a sigh of relief politically.

There are many reasons why Nitish is pleased with this plight of the BJP.

According to one of his supporters, for some time now the aggressive attitude of the leaders of Bihar BJP towards him will stop.

Second, every day, according to his mentors, the market of speculations on various channels of social media about his going to the Chief Minister's chair and becoming the new Chief Minister of BJP will also cool down.

However, no one knows anything about how long the BJP will remain silent.

According to the leaders of Janata Dal United, it is clear from the results of Bochahan that the BJP could not keep the upper caste voter united and at the same time, what he did to the associate VIP, the opposite result was the anger of the voters of Mallah caste during campaigning and voting. Had to open up.

Therefore, in this background, for the time being, the Janata Dal will refrain from trying to tinker with an ally like United.

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VIP candidate Geeta Devi got more than 29 thousand votes in the election.

Most of it is of Mallah caste votes.

And the current focus of the BJP, which takes every election seriously, will be to persuade the angry voter, not to harass an ally like Nitish.

However, critics of Nitish say that ever since the result of UP has come.

Since then he himself has surrendered politically in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi - by whose grace he is sitting in the Chief Minister's chair.

The proof of this is the way he greets them in Lucknow.

Due to this, he also lost a lot of space.

Apart from this, if Nitish, who talks freely in front of the media, does the formality of holding a pre-planned press conference on every Monday, then the BJP has also met his fate.

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If Nitish becomes the number three party in the state today and people console him by saying that it happened because of Chirag Paswan, but he knows that the BJP's top leadership was actually behind the lamp.

But Nitish is so afraid of the BJP that instead of talking like this openly, he runs away from the media.

His relationship with the BJP has soured, an example of this was also seen during the budget session of the assembly, but every time Nitish gave more importance to saving his chair by bowing down to his political self-respect.

In such a situation, if the BJP allows him to continue till the next Lok Sabha, now no one will be surprised much.

According to BJP leaders, the reason for Nitish's real happiness will be a setback to Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav through this by-election, because he knows that most of all he wants to remove him from the chair and make his beloved Nityanand Rai sit.

This is the reason that when Nitish got Sanjay Jaiswal's letter to sack Mukesh Sahni, he made all the things public knowing the political loss, which according to BJP he never expected.

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