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In 2021, the average member of the State Duma earns 110 times more per month than the average Russian, reports BTA.

Ministers' incomes are 137 times higher.

The most modest difference is among those working in the presidential administration: their incomes exceed those of the average Russian "only" 28 times.

The tax returns of presidential administration officials, including Vladimir Putin, federal government ministers and Duma lawmakers, were released yesterday.

What scenarios does Putin have?

The BBC compared the average income of civil servants and deputies with the average income of Russians in 2021. According to Rosstat, it is just under 40,000 rubles a month.

Ministers in the Russian government in 2021 earned an average of over 65.7 million rubles, according to the BBC.

This is the average for 32 people, not taking into account the income of their family members.


the average monthly income of the Russian minister is almost 5.5 million rubles.

This is 137 times more than the average Russian citizen compared to Rosstat.

Among the ministers are people with very high incomes.

For example, that of industry and trade, Denis Manturov, has earned nearly 705 million rubles.

There are also those who earn relatively little.

Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov, for example, earned just over 9.6 million rubles - an average of about 800,000 a month.

Last year, the income of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev also rose sharply.

He earned nearly 393 million rubles against 42 million a year earlier.

Judging by his declaration, Trutnev has sold part of his real estate.

The State Duma earns on average less than the government.

In 2021, the average MP received an income of 4.4 million rubles per month, and annually - 53 million rubles.

This is 110 times more than the average Russian for the same period.

There are some record holders among the people's deputies.

Among them is the State Duma deputy from the Communist Party Vladimir Blotsky, whose income amounts to 3.5 billion rubles.

He earns an average of almost 300 million rubles a month.

Blocki also declared real estate in the United Kingdom.


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