What is faith?

Trust is the key to a happy and successful relationship.

There are three main pillars in building trust in a relationship: honesty, openness and transparency.

Honesty requires that you be honest with yourself and your partner and talk to each other about everything without hiding.

Opening up requires you to share vulnerable things that are hard to talk about, and give your partner a space to share them as well.

Transparency requires that you be in emotional harmony with what is being said, felt, heard, and understood.

This combination is what leads to the ultimate belief.

Why is trust important in a relationship?

Here are three reasons why trust is important in relationships:

Promotes positivity

Trust allows you to be more open.

When you trust your partner, you are more likely to forgive the behaviors that irritate you.

Increases proximity

Trust creates a strong bond and a foundation to build.

Trust increases closeness and security.

When you trust your partner, you will feel more confident knowing that he has your back.

Trust allows your nervous system to relax and unwind.

Reduces conflict

When you trust your partner, you are more willing to bypass problems and find a solution to the problems.

Even if your partner disappoints you, you are more likely to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Signs of lack of trust and its impact on relationships

With a lack of trust, it is difficult for your relationship to grow.

Without trust, your relationship can feel chaotic, unpredictable and full of drama.

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