The United States has pledged $ 800 million worth of weapons to Ukraine.

The weapons, promised to Ukrainians by President Joe Biden, include artillery and radar systems that could require "additional training" for Ukrainian troops.

Below we bring you in detail the weapons promised to Ukraine, as part of a military aid package, announced by the White House on April 13, writes REL.

Eleven Mi-17

helicopters (These helicopters designed by the Soviets are mainly used for transport and can carry up to 24 troops, or shipments of up to four tons, but some variants are equipped with machine guns and / or missiles).

Five hundred Javelin missiles and "thousands of other anti-missile systems"

(US-made Javelin missiles already used extensively against Russian armored vehicles in the war in Ukraine. The weapon enables "shoot and forget" attacks from a distance of 2.6 kilometers. In these attacks , the missile travels towards the designated target, which means that fighters can launch it and immediately take shelter.A launcher and missile costs $ 178,000, according to the Pentagon's 2021 budget).

Ten AN / TPQ-36 anti- artillery radars

(This "weapons detection radar" is used to detect artillery attacks and tracks the trajectory of a projectile to calculate where the enemy's bullet was fired).

Two hundred M113 armored personnel carriers

(These vehicles were widely used during the Vietnam War, but are now used by the United States primarily as support vehicles, in the role of ambulances on the battlefield. An M113 can carry up to 15 passengers and uses lightweight aluminum armor, which only protects against small arms).

Unspecified quantities of C-4 explosives and "obstacle clearing equipment"

(This plastic explosive can be improvised and has explosive power to crack steel, like railroad tracks. Ukrainian fighters have been shot using explosives to destroy a railway bridge, near the border with Russia).

Three hundred Switchblade tactical airborne systems

(These "suicide drones" weigh only 2.5 kilograms, and can be quickly deployed by a mortar-like tube, which launches them into the air. Switchblade uses live camera footage to find targets and is equipped with a small bomb, which can kill enemies and damage unarmored vehicles.The system is much faster and cheaper than engaging air support, as each drone is estimated to cost $ 6,000. the larger version of Switchblade is capable of destroying armored vehicles as well).

Eighteen 155-millimeter howitzers and 40,000 artillery units

(It is not known which 155-millimeter howitzers from the US arsenal will be sent to Ukraine. The M198 model seen in this photo has first been used by the military American in the 1970s, but has some design flaws, and is now almost completely replaced by a newer version. The M198 howitzer can fire at distances of over 20 miles).

Unspecified quantities of M18A1 Claymore

anti-personnel mines (These mines are loaded with 700 steel balls the size of a pea, and are supported by an explosive wall. When they explode, the steel bullets disperse faster than most rifle bullets).

One hundred armored vehicles for various purposes.

(Humvee has become a US military brand. Low-powered vehicles can be equipped with weapons, including machine guns or anti-tank missiles).

Unspecified quantities of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense uniforms

(Such equipment would be vital in the event of a nuclear or chemical weapons attack. The Pentagon has also pledged to supply Ukraine with medical equipment, bulletproof vests and helmets , optical equipment, lasers and unspecified models of remote-controlled vessels for coastal protection).

Two AN / MPQ-64 Sentinel aerial surveillance radars

(This radar system is designed to detect incoming aircraft, drones and missiles from a distance of 40 kilometers).

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