"No one can stop Russia except Ukraine, which is equipped with heavy weapons."

APA reports that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said this in a video address.

He recalled that Russia launched a large-scale war against Ukraine on February 24.

"Russia was convinced that it would occupy Ukraine for five days.

This was the part of the time they set to destroy our country, to overthrow our democracy.

But they had no idea who they were going to fight.

The Russians did not know how we valued our freedom, "Zelensky said.

Zelensky noted that over the past period, Ukrainian forces have destroyed a large number of Russian weapons and military equipment: "But this is not enough.

Russia still has the power to attack not only Ukraine, but also Poland, Moldova, Romania and the Baltic states.

If Ukraine loses its freedom, these countries could be the next target.

Images from Bucha and Mariupol demonstrate Russia's real intentions for the world.

It can be stopped only by force of arms, and now a step must be taken in this direction. "

Zelensky stressed that Ukraine needs heavy artillery, armored vehicles, air defense systems and fighter jets. We need armored vehicles, T-72 and similar tanks, air defense systems such as S-300 and BUK to transport personnel.

We need military planes to break the blockade of our cities and save the lives of millions of Ukrainians and Europeans.

Western countries have every opportunity to do so.

Arm Ukraine, save freedom! ”Said the Ukrainian leader.

He noted that without additional weapons, this war will turn into an endless pool of blood, spreading misery, suffering and destruction.

"Mariupol, Bucha, Kramatorsk - the list will continue. No one can stop Russia except Ukraine, which is equipped with heavy weapons."