Think of sound as a snack for fun

The production of pleasure sounds awakens our body and may even be the beginning of our erotic awakening, says the counselor of women who have sexual problems.

If you want to increase the pleasure of yourself and your partner, you need to produce certain sounds during sex, advises Pamela Madsen, counselor of women who have problems with love relationships and sex.

She says that most women follow the rule during sex - "quiet and fast", which is wrong, reports Telegrafi.

Sound production is something that magically affects the sense of satisfaction.

- Think about it.

Have you ever said "njammmm" before you start eating great food?

Did it increase your eating pleasure?

You can bet it is!

That's why we do it.

When we allow sound into our lives, we are actually fostering sensual pleasure flowing throughout the body.

Think of sound like a snack for fun!

The production of pleasure sounds awakens our body, it may even be the beginning of our erotic awakening - says Pamela.

Here are some of her tips on this topic:


Experiment with sex sounds even before you feel excited.

It could be a rumble, a spin, or any other sound that makes you feel sexy.

Strive for the sound you produce to be the beginning of an erotic experience, not just a by-product.

Keep track of what is happening and how you feel.


Pay attention if sounds like having an orgasm further excite your partner while making love.

I bet they get excited!

I mean, such sounds can be encouraging for your partner because - sex sounds are sex!


Creating sex sounds helps us get out of the head and into the body.

It is like saying "om" while meditating.

It calms our mind and we stop thinking about it.

In sex, it all depends on the feelings, so creating sex sounds helps you stay longer in an erotic relationship moment, writes the Huffington Post.


Try to create sex sounds while masturbating.

Notice how it sounds and how it affects the feeling of excitement.

Even try to make sounds similar to those of orgasm even before you start masturbating.

Relax and breathe because no one sees or hears you.

It's an exploration of the world of pleasure and there is nothing wrong with that.

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