What are the benefits of bathing Buddha images on Songkran Day 2022?

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April 12, 2022, 1:25 p.m.





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One of the important events of Songkran Festival that is indispensable every year is to "spray the Buddha image", even if you do not go to the temple.

but in various places such as shopping centers, government offices

There are often Buddha images with basins, baking water and water bowls prepared for visitors to bathe comfortably.

But what is the reason for bathing in Songkran?

How have you benefited?

Why do you have to bathe the Buddha image on Songkran Day?

Songkran is a Thai New Year's tradition that has been passed down for a long time.

Therefore, the activities that are done to enhance the prosperity in the beginning of the year

In addition to watering the elders' heads to pray for the New Year

Bathing the Buddha image is another activity that is done to bring prosperity to life and is considered to be a merit-making ceremony for the new year that has been passed down through generations as well.

There are two types of bathing Buddha images:

  • Bathing Buddha

    This can be done by organizing a parade.

    or summon the Buddha image to be enshrined in a suitable place

    Bathing is done using baking water, perfume or water mixed with baking water.

    perfume sprinkled on the Buddha image

  • Bathing the monks and novices

    Use in the same way as taking a shower is to use a scoop on your body.

    or in the palm of your hand

    depending on popularity

    If it is a monk bathing

    There will also be offering robes or offering robes according to their faith.

  • What are the benefits of bathing the Buddha image?

    As for the virtues of bathing the Buddha image on Songkran Day, which is believed to be

    • refreshing the mind

      clean with the merit of faith

    • Wash away the ill-wishers with prejudice.

    • pay the heat

      bringing only peace and tranquility

    • pay off the bad

    In addition, bathing the Buddha image represents

    • worshiping the person who should be worshiped

      is the Buddha with fragrant things

      That is clean water and flowers.

      which arises from the fact that we see the goodness of others, such as seeing how good the Buddha is, when we see the goodness, we have come to worship the goodness of the Buddha

      It is a good way to teach the history of Buddhism.

      Another is a reflection of the people who come to bathe that

      be generous

      see the good in others

      will make a person known to catch the right, not the fault of others

    • It's a show of respect and humility.

      Considered to create a charm in itself.

      Whoever has a lot is very attractive.

      It's a show of respect from the heart, not just following each other.

    • It is an announcement for foreigners to see that

      Buddhists have a long-standing tradition and culture.

    If anyone wants to add prosperity to life during the Songkran Festival

    You can set up a table to bathe the Buddha image at home.

    Or going to places such as temples, shopping centers, there are places to bathe the Buddha images as well.

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