Tongo ride: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar rides a tongo



Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

is out on a public relations campaign these days.

Nitish Kumar appeared in a different style in Rajgir of Nalanda district, where a huge crowd gathered to see and greet him on the road.

During the mass dialogue program, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar enjoyed the tonga ride in Rajgir.

The Chief Minister accepted the greetings of the people while doing a road show while sitting on the tonga.

Crowds of people were seen on both sides of the road to catch a glimpse of their favorite Chief Minister .

People were shouting slogans of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Zindabad. Let us tell you that whenever Chief Minister Nitish Kumar comes to Rajgir, he does not forget to ride a tonga.

Why is Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar running away from media questions?

@NitishKumar's journey is a personal journey so he does everything according to his wishes @ndtvindia

— manish (@manishndtv) April 12, 2022

Why is Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar running away from the media's questions? Although he has also arranged for the tourists to go to Ghorakatora by the district administration.

Tourists visiting Rajgir also do not forget to ride the tonga.

This is the reason why the Chief Minister also enjoys its ride.

@NitishKumar riding gig again in Rajgir today @ndtvindia @Anurag_Dwary

— manish (@manishndtv) April 12, 2022

Let us tell you that these days Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is on a tour of his parliamentary constituency Nalanda and all of them are roaming around the assembly and meeting the workers and the common people to meet their problems. However, what is their intention behind organizing this mass dialogue program? Is this, only time will tell.

Although there is a history till now that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar makes such a visit before taking any popular decision.

However, once again a big lapse has come to the fore in the security of Nitish Kumar in Nalanda.

Near his venue in Nalanda, a man exploded a firecracker bomb, there was chaos with a loud sound.

A few days ago, in Bakhtiyarpur, a headstrong youth attacked him.

During his mass dialogue program on Tuesday, mischievous elements blew cracker bombs near the venue.

This created an atmosphere of panic at the venue for some time.

However, the police immediately arrested the young man and took him to the police station, after which the matter calmed down.