Hanuman Jayanti: Hanuman Jayanti is falling on Saturday in the month of Chaitra.

special things

  • Hanuman Jayanti has special significance in Hinduism.

  • On Hanuman Jayanti, devotees worship Bajrangbali throughout the day.

  • Devotees can offer Bhog to Hanuman ji according to the zodiac.

Hanuman Jayanti 2022:

According to the Hindu calendar, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month.

According to the English calendar, this time this date is falling on 16 April 2022.

Incidentally, this day is also Saturday.

Ram Navami is celebrated in the month of Chaitra.

That is, the birth of Lord Shri Ram, the incarnation of Vishnu and Bajrangbali, the Rudravadar of Shiva, is believed to be in the month of Chaitra.

It is believed that this year the date is starting from 2.25 am on this day, which will be celebrated till 12.24 pm.

Worshiping Bajrangbali at this time interval is considered auspicious.

Let us know that according to the belief, devotees of different zodiac signs should offer Bhog to get the blessings of their Bajrangbali. 

Bajrang Bali's enjoyment according to the zodiac

Bajrangbali Bhog According to Zodiac Signs

It is believed that on the day of Hanuman Jayanti, devotees should offer bhog to God according to their reverence, by this all their wishes are fulfilled.

The indulgences offered according to the zodiac are also considered particularly fruitful.

Let us know which Bhog (Bajrangbali Bhog) should be offered to which zodiac according to mythology.


- Offering gram flour laddus while worshiping Bajrang Bali is said to be auspicious for Aries.


- According to the belief, if the people of this zodiac offer Tulsi seeds to Hanuman ji, then special fruits can be obtained.


- By offering Tulsi Dal to God, according to the belief, people of Gemini zodiac can pray for the fulfillment of their wishes.


- It is believed that people of Cancer zodiac should make gram flour pudding in pure desi ghee and offer it to God.


- According to the belief, offer Jalebi to Bajrangbali for the fulfillment of the wishes of the Leo zodiac.


- It is said that the people of Virgo zodiac should offer silver extracts to Bajrangbali on this special day.


- Bajrangbali loves laddus very much.

According to the belief, on this day of Libra zodiac, offer Motichoor laddus to God.


- It is believed that even those with Sagittarius zodiac should offer Motichoor laddoos to God, along with Tulsi Dal.


- According to the belief, this prasad is also best for the people of Capricorn.

They should offer Motichoor laddoos to the Lord.


- The people of Aquarius zodiac can offer food according to their wish.

But, before that, according to the belief, they should apply vermilion to Bajrangbali.


- Pisces people can wish for wish fulfillment by offering cloves.

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