Check the horoscope after Songkran 2022. Doctor Kai, Por Patinee, reveals which zodiac signs are 70% better.

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10 Apr 2022 16:44





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Check the horoscope for 12 zodiacs. Big set. After Songkran 2022, how many percent will your fortune be improved?

Kai Dr. Patinee revealed to Thairath online.

Until Songkran Day

The Sun moves into Aries.

As a result, the horoscopes of all 12 zodiac signs have changed greatly.

Let's have a look now.

that your zodiac

How many percent will it be better?

10% better horoscope group: Leo, Scorpio and Libra.

This zodiac group is lucky.

But most of them have to rely on themselves mainly, although they reach the finish line later than others, but guarantee that they will reach it.

30% better zodiac signs: Aries, July, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Capricorn.

You can tell that the zodiac move of the Sun this time.

It will benefit all 5 zodiac signs mentioned above.

But the life of all 5 zodiac signs will be a bit chaotic.

After this Songkran festival, be prepared for the storm of events.

With a lot of work coming in, don't be afraid because fortunately, the job will be successful.

Plus a lot of work and a lot of money.

70% better horoscope for zodiac signs: Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, and Min.

These 4 zodiac signs are called Boonphawasanasong.

The merits that you have done will begin to show results.

resulting in doing good

Picking up anything is gold.

Life is better than in the past

success is in front

Just waiting for you to reach out and grab it.