7 days of danger

moon mother

11 Apr 2022 6:50 a.m.





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It's not yet time to start a long holiday to celebrate Songkran.

People's brothers and sisters flocked to their hometown until the traffic jam was several kilometers long.

Because one year there will be a chance to meet your parents and grandparents once...

had to carry his wife's children to visit the old hometown to celebrate the family's day

Whenever we go home, we have to visit our relatives, uncles, aunts, uncles, uncles and aunts to make us think of each other as usual.

went to visit that house

do not visit this house

Relatives will be disappointed

had to go to visit relatives to complete the process

I'm afraid of covid

But the Songkran festival has to set up a band to celebrate each other according to Thai traditions.

Whoever has a lot of relatives has to eat and party for many days and many bands.

After the Songkran holiday

The number of people infected with Covid in Thailand will skyrocket to a record high!!

This epidemic will be

"Bumble Bee"

spread widely

together all over Thailand

After a long 7-day break, the number of ICU patients

and critically ill patients who need to be put on a ventilator will increase rapidly.

pushing the death toll to double!!

Dr. Udom Kachintorn, the big doctor's team, Prof. sees that now the number of new infected daily plus an average of 50 thousand ATK test results per day.

But the actual number of infected people

Not less than one hundred thousand people per day!!

Therefore, after a long holiday for 7 days, the danger may be a pandemic situation.

“Super Boom”!!

Prime Minister Uncle Tu's government

Therefore, we have to ask the people to help protect themselves, check ATK, wear masks.

social distancing, etc.

If Thai brothers and sisters do not cooperate to protect themselves after the long Songkran holiday

Thailand will meet

"Tsunami COVID" for sure!!

"Mother Luk Chan" calls for the government

"Prime Minister Lung Tu" prepares for the situation with the total number of patients rising after Songkran to full strength

because this "Omicron" is not as violent as

"Delta species" is true.

But it's more powerful than Delta by many times, uncle.

because it makes the infected person asymptomatic

become a spreader of the coronavirus to infect others


It makes people who have received 3 injections of vaccination can get infected with coronavirus as much as people who don't get vaccinated.

Plus people who have been infected with covid

If addicted to Omikron again

Illness will be more severe.

"Mae Luk Chan" wishes Thai people to return to visit their home during the long holiday to celebrate Songkran.

Celebrating Seniors' Day

and celebrate family day

with safety

wear a mask

social distancing, etc.

But the most worried

Setting up a party to celebrate the Thai New Year

Don't worry about other things

I'm worried about setting up a dinner party.

"Moon Moon"