"We do not know on the basis of what events this accusation arose," wrote Igor Ilyash.

- The case was handled by the KGB in the Gomel region, the investigation was conducted in complete secrecy - ie.

Until yesterday, 55 days after her transfer to the pre-trial detention center, her relatives did not know Katya's status or the articles under which the same "procedural actions" were being carried out.

We do not know anything about the essence of the accusation so far and we will probably not receive any information in this regard - the court will obviously be closed.

But it is not necessary to know any details to understand the absurdity of such an accusation.

Katya was sentenced to 2 years in prison for streaming from the protest, she has been in jail for 16 months.

And five months before the end of her imprisonment, she was suddenly charged with "treason."

In a state overwhelmed by totalitarian madness, such a construction cannot a priori have anything to do with law and reality.

But the obvious analogy with Stalin's practice is to wind a new term for a political prisoner when the previous one ends.

Moreover, she also faces a very Stalinist term. "

“Katya is absolutely innocent.

She never did anything illegal.

This criminal case is a monstrous revenge for journalistic activity in terms of its cynicism and cruelty, ”Ihar Ilyash wrote.

  • Belsat TV journalists

    Katsyaryna Andreeva


    Darya Chultsova

    were detained on November 15, 2020 during a live broadcast of a rally in memory of the deceased Belarusian activist

    Raman Bandarenka


  • According to the investigation, 13 buses, three trolleybuses and three trams were stopped due to a stream of journalists from one of the neighboring high-rise buildings.

  • The journalist was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of "organizing and preparing actions that grossly violate public order, or active participation in them."