Paleontologists discover dinosaur remains

Armor is rare in Australia.

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April 7, 2022, 10:01 a.m.





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Many people may think that all major dinosaur discoveries are made by fossil finds or fossils in the field or at natural sites, but in fact, sometimes major dinosaur discoveries or new species are found in the wild.

It comes from researchers taking fossils that have been kept in museums for many years and re-studying them.

For example, the skull of ankylosaurs is an old treasure in the South Australian Museum. The ankylosaurus fossil was first discovered in 2005 near Boulia.

In the Queensland region, ankylosaurs are distinguished by their thick armor covering from head to tail and walking on four legs. They lived from the early Jurassic to the late Cretaceous. Tacius about 196-66 million years ago, but compared to other dinosaurs such as long-necked sauropods and herbivorous ornitopods, and smaller in size.

Ankylosaurus fossils are considered rare in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, so paleontologists were thrilled to discover the skull of Australia's second ankylosaurus.

The skull and teeth of the fossils were analyzed.

Paleontologists identify it as a group of bones.


which is a genus in the Ankylosaurus family

And it is speculated that this dinosaur may have been prevalent in ancient Queensland areas.

by more than previously thought, and it should have lived 105 million years ago.

(Ankylosaurus excavated site in 2005 Credit: Uppsala University)