At the initiative and organization of the "Araz" supermarket chain, a project entitled "From heart to heart with love" was implemented at the Azerbaijan State Puppet Theater.

APA reports that the heroes of the project were children with autism.

The event was held within the framework of corporate social responsibility projects of the Araz supermarket chain in order to inform the public and support the integration of children with autism into social life.

The project, which includes an exhibition, performance and concert program, showcases the different talents of children with autism.

Along with the demonstration of sculptures, handicrafts and paintings, a performance entitled "Red Riding Hood and Friends" was presented.

In the end, the concert program performed by children was remembered with emotional moments.

The State Agency for Medical and Social Expertise and Rehabilitation supported the involvement of children with autism in the project, and the same stage was shared with them by the actors of the "Oyuq" theater studio at the Puppet Theater.

The project, which was attended by MPs, public figures and loved ones of our society, was met with great interest by everyone.

Thus, the project has achieved its goal.

Indeed, companies, whether large or small, need to present themselves as more than just businesses.

We are all part of society and must be sensitive to what is happening around us.

Araz supermarket chain always realizes its corporate social responsibility and implements projects in various directions.

Environmental protection, healthy lifestyles, education, culture, as well as assistance to vulnerable groups in our society are among the priority areas for the network.

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