The Albanian government has published today the data of a survey known as the National Consultation process.

According to a questionnaire launched by the government, 59 percent of Albanian citizens (303,018) think that the "Open Balkans" initiative brings benefits to the country.

The figures were released at a press conference in the presence of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

According to the data, 26 percent of respondents (134,879) said that this initiative does not bring benefits to Albania, while 15 percent (79,666) did not have an answer to this question.

From the data revealed by the head of government, it results that over 500 thousand Albanians have given their opinion on the questionnaire.

Regarding this result, Rama said that the "Open Balkans" protects the interests of Albania and not Serbia.

"The 'Open Balkans' does not protect the interests of Serbia, it protects our interests, and of course Serbia defends its own interests and everyone else defends its own, it is not discussed," said the head of government.

Rama underlined that Serbia is a neighboring country that will always be there, so it is necessary to have good neighborly relations.

According to him, the 'Open Balkans' initiative is also in the interest of Kosovo, although he said that he does not want to give thought or unsolicited advice to official Pristina.

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