Prime Minister Albin Kurti, in an interview with CNN, said that Russia's crimes in Ukraine are war crimes and the Kremlin must be held accountable for these crimes it has committed against civilians.

Kurti said Ukraine needs more help, and Kosovo has expressed admiration for the leadership and Zelensky.

"But we are aware that Kosovo is not a member of NATO but we have NATO here."

The head of government said that NATO intervention stopped the Serbian genocide and part of Kosovo's history is NATO, so the sooner the membership will be better.

"NATO is 39 years old and I remember when it bombed Milosevic's Yugoslavia, where military and paramilitary forces committed crimes and over 80 percent were expelled from their homes and girls and women were raped," he said.

Kurti said he did not believe Russia could block Kosovo.

"Spain, Slovakia, Romania and Greece will hopefully recognize us and in this way we will be a member of NATO," he said.

The prime minister added that Serbia wants EU money, Russian weapons and Chinese investments.

He also mentioned the Serbian bases operating around Kosovo.

"That's why we need to be vigilant.

"There are dozens of bases operating around Kosovo and we have to be careful as they play a Proxy game."

Kurti also spoke about Gazprom.

In 2008 when independence was declared, three weeks before that the Russian federation Gazprom annexed Abkhazia.

The Russian ministry has a separate office within the Serbian defense office.

"They can escalate the conflict because of the proxy state - that is, Serbia and Bosnia," said the prime minister.

The Prime Minister added that our country has had a hybrid war, as he emphasizes that the Russian center is located in Nis only a few hundred kilometers away from Kosovo.

"But we are not afraid, because of our partners in NATO, the US, Britain, France and Germany.

"And what are you doing to fight the hybrid war?"

In the end he said that Kosovo has increased the capacity of the army.

"The defense budget has increased at the same time, we are increasing the capacity of the police and intelligence and we are cooperating with NATO," Kurti told CNN./Telegrafi/