The head of the Administrative Unit in Kallmet, Lezha, Besnik Simoni, was wounded with a firearm after noon, a few minutes after leaving the office.

He received three bullets and was immediately transported for medical assistance to the Trauma Hospital in Tirana, where he is in stable condition.

Officially, the Police said that the event was recorded after a quarrel that is suspected to have started around 13:30, in the village of Kallmet in the office of the Administrative Unit between Simon and the citizen Altin Marku.

The latter is suspected that after the verbal conflict, he stopped the official on the street and then shot him several times.

The investigation team inspected the scene and took some evidence of the quarrel, while waiting for the statements of the young man to uncover the real motives.

The combing of the area has been going on for several hours in order to arrest the suspected perpetrator, reports Klan TV.

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