"Moldova will not join the Western sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine conflict."

APA reports quoting TASS that the statement came from Moldovan President Maya Sandu.

He said his country would take a neutral position on the issue.

"Without the country's energy resources, we can do nothing to stabilize the situation.

In this situation, neither Ukraine nor our partners will be able to help in this direction.

There are some things that citizens need to talk about openly, ”Sandu said.

According to him, the conflict in the neighboring country has had a negative impact on the economic situation in Moldova.

"Sanctions have had a negative impact on export and import operations," he said.

We have no access to the Ukrainian market or the Russian market, "he added.

Earlier, he said that despite the conflict in Ukraine and the increase in prices for food, energy and other goods due to sanctions, there is no threat of famine in the country.