The Moldovan leader stated this in an interview to the Romanian edition of Radio Liberty.

"Let's discuss what sanctions can mean in terms of exports and imports: we do not have access to the Ukrainian market, nor to the Russian and Belarusian.

Because there is this obstacle - war.

Both exports and imports with these countries are blocked, ”

Sandu said.

She also stressed that Chisinau's most important dependence on Moscow is energy resources, adding that Moldova has no other solution to this issue.

“Can we leave the country without natural gas and electricity today?

No, we can't.

Neither for the sake of our citizens, nor for the sake of 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, 50,000 of whom are children, ”the Moldovan president said.

Sandu noted that Moldova "enjoys the full support of its Western partners."

They will try to help Chisinau find alternatives to energy supplies.

"However, so far we obviously cannot ignore reality," Sandu added.

To the journalist's remark that Kyiv was "angry with Moldova's attitude", Sandu replied:

“Of course, we must do everything to stop this war.

But there are certain things we have a duty to provide for our citizens.

Leaving the country without energy resources and destabilizing the situation here, we will not help anyone: neither Moldova, nor Ukraine, nor our partners in the West. "