We must continue to provide military support as long as Ukraine needs it.

APA reports that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this at a press conference on NATO's report for 2021.

"This is important because Ukraine is fighting for freedom, democracy and our common values.

We have supported Ukraine for many years.

Even after Russia started the war, NATO allies continued to send military aid to Ukraine.

The allies are also sending financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Last week's meeting reaffirmed its commitment to continue military support to Ukraine.

We must continue to support.

Because Russia continues its military operations in Ukraine.

It is good that the talks are continuing, but we still do not see a change in Russia's main goal.

What Russia wants is to achieve a military result from this conflict, and Russia continues to achieve this military result.

In that case, we, as NATO allies, must continue to provide military support to Ukraine, "said Jens Stoltenberg.