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April 1, 2022 5:11 a.m.





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Hot weather. Let's cool off with delicious Thai food such as "Khao Chae" at Ruen Ton Restaurant.

The Montien Hotel, Surawong, Bangkok organizes a deck of "Khao Chae Festival", royal style, cooked jasmine rice floating in cool flower water.

With side dishes such as fried shrimp paste balls, stuffed shallots, radish, stir-fried sweet, pork and shredded beef

Salted Egg Balls and Rum

with vegetables for the perfect balance of flavor

Khao Chae Set is priced at THB 420++ or you can opt to get Khao Chae Set with Organic Coconut Water and dessert.

(choose mango flavored ice cream or mango pudding) price 580++ baht per set, available daily until 15 May 65 at Ruenton Restaurant.

Montien Hotel Surawong Bangkok Tel. 0-2233-7060

Dusit Thani House

In the Benjarong restaurant

has arranged Khao Chae Wang

Traditional Thai food

which gives a touch of softness and fragrance of organic jasmine rice grains from Surin, along with fresh jasmine water, Mon rose and ylang-ylang that come to smoke candles until fragrant.

Serve with various side dishes such as bell pepper stuffed with shrimp and minced pork.

cooked to have a mellow flavor

shallots stuffed with fish

which uses freshly grilled fish

Therefore, it is pounded with herbs until fine.

and dipped in fried eggs

with fried shrimp paste balls

That chooses to use good shrimp paste from the province.

Ranong stir-fried with coconut sugar until sticky and can be formed into lumps.

Therefore, it is coated with duck egg yolk mixed with dew eggs.

Then fry in oil until cooked, crispy, soft, golden brown.

and a special side dish that is hard to find is

sweet stingray

that chooses to use dried stingrays

Pound until fluffy, then stir fry with coconut milk, shallots and sugar until sticky and chewy.

Price is 750 baht for a set to eat at the shop, price 999 baht for a box of Khao Chae to bring as a gift.

or eat at home

Order at 0-2200-9009 Line@baandu sitthani Today until 15 May.

End the deliciousness with S&P, which recommends a cool down menu.

"Khao Chae - Mango Sticky Rice" serves deliciousness.

home delivery

In a set of Khao Chae Khao Chae with side dishes, a small set for 138 baht and a large set, Khao Chae Khao Chae - Sticky Rice with Mango Nam Dok Mai, priced at 198 baht per set. Order via S&P Delivery 1344 and find a special promotion.

When ordering Khao Chae, Jasmine Rice with a normal set of side dishes

and butterfly pea sticky rice, pandan leaves, and Nam Dok Mai mango.

Price is only 298 baht per set. You can eat at the shop or buy it home.

From today-31 May 65.