Leaders of religious denominations in Azerbaijan have issued a joint statement on the adoption of an anti-Azerbaijani resolution adopted by the European Parliament.

The Caucasus Muslims Office told APA that the statement said:

"We, the leaders of the Muslim, Orthodox, Albanian-Udi and Jewish denominations operating in Azerbaijan, expressing the wishes and will of our believers, issued a Joint Statement on the adoption of the anti-Azerbaijani resolution adopted by the European Parliament on March 10, 2022. We express our concern that this document is an expression of a position that is subject to double standards and Islamophobic tendencies and defends pro-Armenian policies. We unequivocally state that the views expressed in the text of the resolution are false and defamatory and completely unacceptable.

Not only the representatives of the European Parliament, but the whole world should know that, unlike Armenia, in Azerbaijan, its capital Baku and regions, representatives of different nationalities and religions, including thousands of citizens of Armenian descent live in peace and tranquility. is preserved and protected by the state as a historical and religious monument.

However, mosques, temples, cemeteries, historical monuments, museums and libraries have been destroyed and looted in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan for almost 30 years. The whole Islamic world has been insulted.

We, the representatives of various ethnic and religious communities in Azerbaijan, during our visits to the territories of Karabakh after the liberation of Karabakh, noted that Armenia's policy of vandalism against historical and cultural monuments, especially Muslim mosques and existing infrastructure, Gregorianization policy against ancient Albanian Christian and Orthodox churches. we are living witnesses.

You are well aware that for almost 30 years Armenia has been occupying 20% ​​of the world-recognized territory of Azerbaijan, in gross violation of the known provisions of the UN Security Council resolutions, the Geneva Convention and the Helsinki Final Act. Displaced from their homes in Karabakh, they were forced to live the fate of refugees and internally displaced persons.

Armenia has completely destroyed historical Azerbaijani religious monuments, Yerevan mosques "Shah Abbas", "Sardar", "Haji Novruz Ali" and other cultural and spiritual heritage, unique architectural monuments, and the only surviving "Blue Mosque" in the center of Yerevan. Deliberately changed the architectural features after the "occurring" fire.

Along with the destruction of the cultural and spiritual heritage of Azerbaijanis, Armenia usurped the Orthodox Church "John the Baptist" in Shusha, the ancient Albanian churches in other regions, changed its origin to Gregorian and completely destroyed the Khojavend Orthodox Church.

After Azerbaijan restores its territorial integrity in accordance with international law, the Armenian side is trying to instill in the whole world that they have been allegedly invaded by Azerbaijan.

In fact, the former Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was initiated by Armenia to occupy the territory of the neighboring country, and they present themselves as an oppressed people, spreading untrue lies about the conflict as a Muslim-Christian conflict, thus gaining the prejudice of Christendom.

Unfortunately, the Armenian propaganda is actively using various means, including the religious factor, to cover up its aggressive intentions and territorial claims to other lands.

Therefore, we appeal to His Holiness Pope Francis, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, other religious leaders and international institutions to visit Azerbaijan to see the terrible consequences of Armenian vandalism in our liberated lands. invited.

As a result of the Armenian occupation, thousands of historical and cultural monuments, libraries, cultural centers, residential buildings, schools, museums, art galleries and theaters, shrines and cemeteries were destroyed and looted.

Of the 67 mosques officially registered in the Armenian-occupied territories of Azerbaijan, 64 have been completely destroyed and 3 are in a deplorable state.

The once developed administrative centers of Azerbaijan have been reduced to rubble.

Currently, foreign observers visiting our liberated territories call these places "city of spirits" or "Hiroshima of Azerbaijan".

The main purpose of the acts of vandalism of the occupying Armenian state was to destroy both our historical past and our spiritual memory in the ancient lands of the Azerbaijanis with the illusion of a "greater Armenia".

Armenia must be held accountable for crimes against humanity and property, the destruction of cultural heritage in the territory of present-day Armenia and the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, and punished as stated in the biased resolution of the European Parliament.

Destruction of monuments belonging to our people by Armenia The Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict of 1954, the European Convention for the Protection of Archaeological Heritage of 1992 and the UNESCO Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage of 1972 aimed at destroying and falsifying the cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people by Armenia.

It is unfortunate that 613 innocent people, including 63 children, 106 women and 70 elderly people, were brutally killed by Armenia in 1992 in the Azerbaijani city of Khojaly, including the complete destruction of 8 families. European parliamentarians are reluctant to give a legal assessment to the genocide, and the perpetrators of the genocide have not yet been tried, and some of them, even high-ranking officials in Armenia, say they are proud of their involvement in this heinous crime.

Therefore, when the Armenian military-political leadership dragged its people to the occupation by saying "New wars for the sake of new lands", "Karabakh is Armenia", it was closely cooperating with the German fascists during World War II.

In 1982, the term "Armenian terrorism" was first officially mentioned in the monthly bulletin of the US State Department.

Armenian terrorist organizations such as Armenakan, QNCHAK, Dashnaktsutyun, ASOA, ASALA and others, based solely on Nazi-terrorist morality, have organized in various parts of the world, including a number of European countries, to carry out their insidious violence against Azerbaijan and Turkey. they do not give up their policies.

Irrespective of their affiliation, the historical and religious monuments in Azerbaijan are sacred places that embody the national identity, moral and ethical values ​​and traditions of the peoples living in this country.

These examples of heritage are always carefully protected by the Azerbaijani state, our mosques, churches and synagogues are being repaired and new ones are being built.

Committed to multicultural traditions, the Azerbaijani state considers this policy a priority and has made invaluable contributions not only to Azerbaijan, but also to the restoration of "catacombs" in the Vatican, Roman churches in France, ancient stained glass windows in Strasbourg, historical monuments, mosques and churches in Serbia.

In return, the European Parliament, an international body that follows the Armenian lie, adopts a biased anti-Azerbaijani resolution and calls on our country to punish it, accusing it of "destroying the Armenian cultural heritage."

We, the leaders of religious denominations in Azerbaijan, express our dissatisfaction and regret to the 635 parliamentarians who voted in favor of the biased resolution of the European Parliament "On the destruction of cultural heritage in Nagorno-Karabakh."

Such approaches lead to the conclusion that the European Parliament has a unilateral pro-Armenian position based on double standards.

We call for a political and legal assessment of the massacres committed by Armenian invaders and terrorists against Azerbaijanis and other nationalities living in Azerbaijan for more than a hundred years, the destruction of our cultural and spiritual heritage, to stand for justice by choosing the truth and to repeal this biased resolution.

Sheikh-ul-Islam Allahshukur PASHAZADE,

Chairman of the Caucasian Muslims Office

Archimandrite ALEXIY,

Secretary of the Baku and Azerbaijan Eparchy of

the Russian Orthodox Church

Milikh YEVDAYEV, Head

of the Mountain Jews Community in Azerbaijan

Robert MOBILI,

Chairman of the Albanian-Udi Christian Religious Community in Azerbaijan

Alexander SHAROVSKI,

Head of the European Jewish Community in Baku