A tragic event took place in September 2021 in the city of Peja, where two senior officials of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Astrit Ademaj and Blerand Kadrijaj, were killed.

Ademaj and Kadrijaj after a conflict they had had been shot with firearms, Telegrafi reports.

Six months after the tragic event, the Ademaj and Kadrijaj families extended their hand of reconciliation to each other.

Also present during the reconciliation between the two families was the chairman of the AAK, Ramush Haradinaj, who said he hoped such tragedies would never happen again.

"I am before you as a brother seeking reconciliation, the tragedy has happened.

But we are Albanian brothers.

"Today I ask you, the Ademaj family, to extend a hand to the Kadriaj family, and I also ask God that these tragedies are never repeated", he said.

The double murder took place on September 8, around 20:20, near the "Ali Hadri" High School.

After patrolling the scene, police found two revolvers and several bullets, which are suspected to have been used during the act.

There have been many reactions to the murder of Ademaj and Kadrijaj.

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