Commentary by economist and journalist Georgi Kadiev.

He is the leader of the Normal State, a former BSP for Bulgaria MP and a municipal councilor in Sofia from the same party.

EC has decided that by the end of November, storage facilities in Europe must be 80% full of gas as a measure against a possible suspension of gas supplies from Russia.

The graph below shows that in the period 2012-2020, Europe filled its repositories at an average annual cost of € 10.1 billion.

In 2022, Europe will have to fill its storage facilities with about 10% more gas than in 2012-2020, but already at a price of 75 billion euros due to rising prices.

A separate question is who will buy these reserves now.

Private companies?


Because firstly he has to withdraw a lot of money, secondly today the prices are high.

If Gazprom continues to supply, prices will fall by the fall and you will make huge losses or lost profits.

If it stops delivering, prices will skyrocket.

Which private company would take such a risk?

georgi kadiev