More than 100 million years old fossils found in Chaiyaphum

Revealing that he has good hands to dig to make talismans

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22 Mar 2022 21:08





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Villagers of Wang Kung, Sap Yai District, Kalasin are thrilled to find fossils

Similar to ancient dinosaur bones, more than 100 million years old, after having a good hand secretly digging to make talisman

Requesting relevant agencies to inspect and preserve

On March 22, 2022, reporters reported that

At the stone courtyard in the forest at Ban Wang Kung, Tha Kub Sub-district, Sap Yai District, Chaiyaphum Province

There are villagers found fossils or fossils (Fossil) similar to fossil dinosaur bones, more than 100 million years old and photographed.

Bring it to share on social media until it's all over the place.

It is thought to be the same dinosaur discovered in the area.

Nong Bua Rawe District, Chaiyaphum Province, because the found point is far from where the largest herbivorous dinosaurs in Thailand were found.

and Southeast Asia

which is over a hundred million years ago

Later, reporters traveled to meet with

Mr. Therdkiat Chamnansri, 59 years old, villagers in Village No. 4, Wang Kung Village, Tha Kub Sub-district, Sap Yai District, Chaiyaphum Province

The farm owner and those who saw the dinosaur skeleton revealed that he had seen the stone a long time ago.

But it doesn't bother anything.

until a neighbor came to tell me that there was a strange man

What did you dig at the end of your own farm?

So he went up to see

At the end of the forest

Which is a stone courtyard, it found the remains of bones that look like real dinosaur bones.

So he brought glasses to look at the monk and found that the cells that were embedded were really like bones.

Which is embedded in the rock and there are traces of excavation.

It seems that someone secretly steals it to make it a sacred object.

Because before, people had come to talk to monks at the temple near that point.

whether anyone has seen petrified wood or not

will be used to make amulets

which came to secretly dig this time

would be used to make a sacred object, it is possible

The owner of the farm and the fossil seer said that after the fossil was found.

Then he had his daughter take a picture and post it on Facebook.

until it became popular around the world on social media

The dinosaur bones embedded in the rock are approximately 1.50 meters long and some have been stolen because traces of extraction were found.

Prepared to steal again, but luckily the villagers found it first.

Therefore, I would like to leave the relevant agencies to inspect and preserve them for the children to study and learn further.