The news of the death of hundreds of thousands of chickens became public on March 16 when an information transmitted in Durrës spoke of mass deaths of birds on three farms, the figure was 500 thousand.

The news was followed by a few hours of silence of the Ministry of Agriculture, which only in the afternoon came out with the version that the chickens had larynx and categorically denied that it was bird flu as it was said in the corridors of line institutions in Durres.

But just the night before on her Facebook, the Minister of Agriculture had released this video message.

She appears in Rinas at the airport with a videoselfie with the owner of one of the affected chickens, Reas.

The statement spoke of a success story, certainly not of the hundreds of thousands of chickens that died.

A few hours later in this video, the news came out about 500 thousand chickens in three farms, a figure that the ministry still does not confirm today, but sources from Durrës say that about 200 thousand are in at least one of the chickens.

The ministry was also silent about the names of the companies.

At the farm doors meanwhile everything became airtight.

The National Veterinary and Plant Protection Agency officially told us that we could not film under the pretext of quarantine for a disease in the birds's respiratory tract.

The flow of information that started from Durrës stopped abruptly.

Just one day later, on March 17, the Ministry fired director Tana Kika to treat the same version of laryngitis, a disease that affects chickens but not humans.

"Currently there are about 200 thousand dead birds in the reference laboratory, no bird flu has been identified.

A viral disease has been identified that is entirely of poultry and is a vaccinable disease, it is an infectious laryngotracheitis caused by the herpes virus ", Tana Kika, Director at AKVMB.

Today, this official, Tana Kika, received the notification for suspension from duty because, according to the ministry, the situation has gotten out of hand.

The news that there was chicken flu or in scientific terms avian influenza was not only denied for 4 days but also with statements assuring the consumer that under the pressure of rising prices in the markets he had already rushed to buy more eggs than he could consume in a normal time.

But the responsibility today goes beyond an official.

The news was hidden, the figures and the names of the firms as well.

People today are still not told the names of egg firms and they continue to buy eggs and chicken in stores from companies.

Chickens that are being thrown on the streets today and burned in crematoria.

The health authorities have not been informed and consequently it is not known whether quarantine measures have been imposed on these farms against a virus that has already appeared in at least one bird.

Chicken flu is deadly if it spreads to humans.

If this happens, unlike China, someone will take responsibility, not just morally, to the Albanian Vuhan.

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