Leaders of both BJP and Janata Dal United are scrambling to end the deadlock on this issue (File Photo)


In Bihar, neither Nitish Kumar nor the Speaker came to the House on Tuesday after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's statement on Assembly Speaker Vijay Sinha to work against the Constitution.

Both sat in their chambers and created a ruckus in the house demanding an apology from the opposition party Nitish Kumar. 

In fact, on Monday, there was a heated argument between Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Assembly Speaker Vijay Sinha.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

had objected to the day-to-day uproar in the Assembly over the Lakhisarai issue and 

 even told Speaker Vijay Sinha that this is not the way to run the House.

Look up the constitution.

The way the House is being run is a violation of the Constitution.

After which the opposition inside the house stuck to the demand of Nitish Kumar's apology and started creating a ruckus.

Due to which the house had to be adjourned twice. 

After this, neither the president nor Nitish Kumar was seen in his chair on Tuesday.

At present, the leaders of both BJP and Janata Dal United are trying to end the deadlock on this issue, but the whole controversy is raising questions on Nitish Kumar and Vijay Sinha.

Earlier, on the statement of CM Nitish, Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha, Vijay Sinha had said that the police is making a mockery of the Lakhisarai incident.

As far as the Constitution is concerned, Chief Minister, you know more than us.

I learn from you

The matter that is being talked about.

There has been a ruckus in the House thrice for that.

I am the custodian of MLAs.

Whenever I go to the area, people ask questions that they are not able to speak about the station in-charge and DSP.

Don't talk about discouraging the posture.

Why is the government not taking serious action on this?

You people have made me the Speaker of the Assembly.

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